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  1. Why Our Clients Choose Us

Our salon aims to deliver an enjoyable experience without compromising health. The Pink Rose is the first & only non-toxic nail salon using handmade, all-natural bath bombs and scrubs in Tyler, Texas.

Our polish are free from formaldehyde, toulene, TPHP, nitrocellulose, camphor, formaldehyde resin, ethyl tosylamide, phthalates, xylene, & MEK. You can trust The Pink Rose to use utmost care and quality in our services.

price list

  Naked Mani/ Pedi – $20/ $30

  Classic Mani/Pedi – $25/$35
  Performance Polish Mani/Pedi-$30/$40
  Gel Mani/Pedi – $40/$50
  (+$5 French)

  Princess Mani/Pedi- $15/$15
  Princess Combo (both Mani/Pedi) – $25

  Non-Acrylic Non-Toxic Extensions
                 Performance Polish – $55
                 Gel – $65
                 (+$5 French)

  Upper Lip Wax – $10
  Eyebrow Wax – $15

Look 2-116

Hi, my name is Laura Fraga...

I am the creator of The Pink Rose Salon. I was born and raised in Tyler, Texas, and am so happy to be bringing back to my beautiful hometown something healthy, exciting, and rosy.

I went to Grace Community School and continued my studies at Texas Tech University, where I studied design and management. I moved to Dallas to finish my MBA. Here I was able to grow as a person and face new challenges. I met my service dog, Leo, in Dallas, and we are inseparable. He is the offical salon greeter. I worked as an interior designer, and wanted to further my career, but was not sure where and how. 

 I first had the idea of a non-toxic nail salon after going to salons with similar health concepts during my years in Dallas  (which were few), and having friends who worked in the nail salon industry. I decided I wanted my hometown to experience what a non-toxic nail salon looks like.